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We need your support Posted on 25 May 2022

Dear Patients

We need your support.

Over the last few years, we have had drug takers and alcoholics using our premises.

They continually cause damage, intimidate our staff and waste our time and energy. This is leading to the staff feeling unsafe and not wanting to work here. Our Doctors generally like to come to the surgery to catch up on clinical paperwork over the weekend. However due to these people they do not feel safe coming to the surgery on their own, additionally the receptionist do not feel safe working extended hours in the weekdays or opening the surgery on the weekend for vaccination clinics.

The area is getting more dangerous for us all; we need you to raise this with your Councillors and MP.

All of us should be able live and work in a safe environment.

I am attaching photos of my last encounter with them.

On Sunday 22nd May, I came into work on my day off so that I could spend time planning activities for the upcoming week. I did this as I do not get any interruptions and the network seems to be faster on Sunday mornings. Whilst working on my own in the surgery, I heard noises at the entrance, when I came out to see what was happening I saw these people taking drugs, as I took a video of them, they threatened me as they walked away.

The police class this as unthreatening anti-social behaviour. Therefore, when I reported it to them, even though I was threatened they did not come to the surgery.

We would really appreciate if you can contact your Councillors and MP and raise this issue with them.

Your support, will be greatly appreciated


The Practice Manager

The link below, will open a PDF document which has photos of the incident on May 22nd

We need your support

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